Lake Fork Trophy Lures Swimbait Hooks

The progress just keeps coming in the world of soft swimbait lures. More sizes and realistic color patterns. It just never seems to stop and with the reinvention of an umbrella rig to a castable multi-lure rig the explosion of soft swimbaits just continues. Nevertheless even with all these choices, an angler still have to rig their soft swimbait to a hook. Not every hook is a good swimbait hook; in fact most hooks should be used for everything, but swimbait hooks.

Knowing that the key to having a swimbait run right starts with a correctly designed swimbait hook Lake Fork Trophy Lures came up with their own swimbait hook for their soft swimbait lure Live Magic Shad. Their swimbait hook features a wire keep that makes it easy to rig up a soft swimbait correctly; in addition to holding it in place when fish strike it. It also has just the right amount of weight secured to the hook shank that keeps a soft swimbait swimming true and upright on every cast. The Lake Fork Trophy Lure Swimbait Hook ( comes in four sizes including 3/0, 5/0, 7/0 and 10/0. These swimbait hooks can be used with any soft swimbait. Use the chart below to match up the size of soft swimbait and hook for the perfect fit. The following chart matches the size of swimbait hook to the Live Magic Shad:

*3/0 hook is a perfect fit for the 3½-inch Live Magic ShadLake Fork Trophy Lures Swimbait Hooks

*5/0 hook is a perfect fit for the 4½-inch Live Magic Shad

*7/0 hook is a perfect fit for the 5½-inch Live Magic Shad

*10/0 hook is a perfect fit for the 8-inch Live Magic Shad

Matching up the swimbait hook size is critical when fishing with a soft plastic swimbait. A swimbait hook that is too small will result in an angler not being able to stick a hook in the fish. On the other hand, an angler using a swimbait hook that is too big and it will impede the lifelike action of the swimbait. It can be challenging to find the right combination of swimbait hook and swimbait on some soft swimbaits. Never overlook the option trimming some of the plastic or making small incision on the body to increase the swimming action if a swimbait hook is impeding its action.

Although versatile, one of the deadliest times to fish a soft swimbait on a Lake Fork Swimbait Hook is during the shad spawn. Bass will be keying in on shad spawning on shallow, flat, rocky banks and feed on them until they stop spawning. The smaller Live Magic Shad in 3 ½-inches or 4 ½-inches is the best size to fish with since the shad are not as big this time of year. Its live action swimming motion is so realistic that often live shad will bump and follow the Live Magic Shad as you reel it through schools of shad.

Of course, one of the best ways to utilize the Lake Fork Trophy Lures Swimbait Hooks is on a multi-lure rig. These umbrella rigs transformed bass casting multi-lure rigs have up to five arms that require an angler to rig with hooks. Regular hooks just don’t work on these multi-lure rigs. Lake Fork Trophy Lures Swimbait Hooks allow an angler to rig up any style or brand soft swimbait and keep them running true and upright the entire length of their cast. That’s important because many of the other swimbait hooks will fail to do that.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Swimbait Hooks

Looking for a good swimbait hook? Make sure to get one that keeps your soft swimbaits running true and upright. It will increase the number of strikes that you get and how many of them you catch.Lake Fork Trophy Lures Swimbait Hooks