Jason_Christie_Frog_Rod_by_Falcon_RodsJason Christie took a chance. Fishing miles and miles away from his home in Park Hills, Oklahoma, he participated in the 2012 Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Northern Open on the Detroit River. After all the bass were weighed in, Christie had a combined weight of 67.4 pounds. It was enough to win the event. Two months later back in his home state, Christie put together another impressive performance and won his second Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Open Tournament on Fort Gibson Lake.

The first win was astonishing since he was competing against some of the best bass anglers in the world. By winning the tournament on the Detroit River, Christie became one of the few anglers to qualify for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Championship by winning a Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Opens.

The second win on Fort Gibson Lake elevated Christie from a good angler with skills to one of the elite anglers fishing in bass fishing tournaments. Now every event, Christie is a threat to win it. He has done it in the past and is going to do it again, you can count on it.

Part of his success has come from the equipment Christie is using. Back three years ago, Christie signed up with Falcon Rods (www.falconrods.com) as a pro staffer. Little did Falcon Rods know that Christie was a diamond in the rough about to shine.Jason_Christie_Frog_Rod_by_Falcon_Rods

At the time of him signing, Falcon Rods didn’t have a one handed casting frog rod. “The one frog rod they had was designed for two-handed casting,” Christie continued, “that was great for  lakes like Guntersville or the Delta in California, but I needed one for one handed casting.”

Christie (www.christiefishing.com) went on, “Falcon Rods gave me free range to come up with one that worked for me.”

Wanting the rod to be light weight, Christie began with the butt section. “It started with  using lightweight high grade cork for the handle,” explained Christie. A spilt grip design was used and situated so the rod would be balanced.

Jason_Christie_Frog_Rod_by_Falcon_RodsNext was the rod blank itself. “Instead of building a rod around a blank, I designed a blank then we built the rod around it,” noted Christie.

The challenge came when the final blank turned out to be 6’10½”. Not a standard measurement by any means. Christie had to make a decision. Would the rod be 6’10” or 6’11”? He decided on 6’11”.

Blank action was another consideration. Christie wanted his one-handed frog rod to have a stiff butt and mid-section, but a softer tip. “It was important that my frog rod had a soft tip on the top. The softer tip allows me to cast accurately around boat docks or when I am skipping,” says Christie.

In the end, Christie and Falcon Rods came up with the model CC-7-1611S Jason Christie Frog Rod. It’s part of the Cara rod series inspired by tournament bass anglers for specific techniques. Each rod designed to present a lure and perform in a certain way.

Christie  and other anglers are impressed with the overall lightness of the Jason Christie Frog Rod. “Most frog rods will wear you out,” Christie went on, “so I designed a frog rod that you could fish from daylight till dark without wearing a person out, but still have the power to get a bass out of cover or make accurate casts.”


Interestingly, Christie not only likes this rod for fishing a frog, but other lures. “It has lots of different applications. I use it when fishing a BOOYAH Pad Crasher, BOOYAH Buzzbait and slow rolling a BOOYAH Spinnerbait,” declared Christie. During the Bass Pro Shops Open on Detroit, Christie used his one-handed frog rod to burn a spinnerbait to catch the winning weight.

It also turned out to be the rod he used to fish with on the Arkansas River in the PAA tournament. “I caught 75% percent of the fish on the frog rod around lily pads and water willows,” he reported.

Normally, Christie will use 50-pound braid on the Jason Christie Frog Rod. He rigs the rod with a 7:1.1 high speed Quantum Smoke reel. “Having a fast speed reel is important because a lot of the bites you get, the bass is coming towards you and you have to pick up the slack to set the hook along with reeling them out of the cover,” explained Christie.

Christie now has one more chance. A chance to win the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Championship and you can bet he will be using his frog rod to catch, hopefully, the winning weight.