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Anglers subject cell phones to unmerciful treatment by taking them out in extreme conditions. They expose them to water, dirt, snow and shock then expect a cell phone to perform on demand. A cell phone is their one stop connection to weather reports, maps, fishing information and communication in case of emergency. Unfortunately, cell phones are fragile and vulnerable to water, but anglers can protect them by putting them in a LifeProof case.

Anglers love water because fish live there. Electronics hate water. Water simply annihilates electronics reducing them to rubbish.

It happens to every angler I know. Sooner or later they drop a cell phone in to the lake. I dropped my cell phone in while unloading the boat. I could see the bright red cell phone just sitting on the bottom. An awful feeling over came me. Even if I retrieved it, the cell phone would be worthless.

If you added up all the cell phones that could have been saved by having a LifeProof case around them it would be staggering. Countless cell phones have fallen or bounced in.

LifeProof cases are built waterproof to IP-68 standards. That’s the highest ‘International Protection’ rating a product can receive.

No other everyday case today can provide that much submersible protection for a cell phone.

How deep can you go under water with a LifeProof case? LifeProof has been rated for immersions up to two meters or 6.6 feet for 30 minutes.

A LifeProof case can also save the day if you accidently fall out of the boat with the cell phone in your pocket and go swimming or get caught out in the rain. An angler can also take underwater movies in the camera setting. A special double AR-coated optical glass lenses offers an exceptional clear movie film both in and above the water.

LifeProof case LifeProof case

Something I found interesting in the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament that was held on Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas was that many of the professional anglers like to listen to music while fishing in the tournament.  The LifeProof case allows anglers to listen to music both above and below the surface. Of course, an angler would need to wear the waterproof headphones that plug into the LifeProof waterproof headphone adapters to listen underwater.

Another benefit to putting a cell phone inside a LifeProof case is sound. Since the cell phone is completely enclosed, the case itself becomes a speaker and increases the bass sound similar to a subwoofer. The result is better, bigger sound coming from your cell phone.

Dust is also a hazard facing an angler’s phone. These minute particles can become wedged between other cases and cause damage; in addition to causing problems with the device mechanisms. Dirt can also scratch the glass that could shatter the glass.

While southern anglers may not have to deal with snow, anglers who live up north do. The LifeProof case protects a cell phone from snow and ice just like it does water. It can also prevent ice and snow from wicking into your cell phone through capillary or pooling action.

Of all the perils facing a cell phone none is more dangerous than shock. The LifeProof case was designed to protect the cell phone from impact and shock. It has been rigorously tested to exceed or meet Military Standard MIL-STD-810F-516.5. That standard requires the device to survive a drop on to edges or surfaces of concrete from up to four feet.

Testing LifeProof case under waterA LifeProof case for an iPhone 4 is 10.8mm only 1.3mm thicker than an iPhone itself. It’s made from super strong polycarbonate with a extra soft shock absorbing front and rear cover. Of course, the LifeProof case can’t with stand some risks or hazards. It can’t withstand a hammer pounding on it or someone shooting it with a bullet.

Do you have more questions about the LifeProof case, support questions, contact information or want to see instructional videos? Just check out LifeProof’s homepage. It’s all right there and easy to find.

For anglers, the LifeProof case offers something that was never available before, a peace of mind while out on the water. No more worrying about exposing their cell phone to water, snow, dirt or shock. Its freedom that allows anglers to be connected on any body of water at anytime no matter what the environment is like.

LifeProof case