Motormate Locking SystemThink about this for a second. Your outboard motor was built in 2011, rides on the transom of your 2011 boat and trailer and you want to protect it with something designed for outboards and boats when the first bass boats were being built way back then? That really doesn’t make any sense. Back then the now obsolete transom saver was good enough to work, but that was before outboard engines had power “tilt and trim”. So connecting your engine to the trailer was sufficient to keep the engine from bouncing or swinging back and forth going down the road; however, anyone connecting their transom saver from the trailer to the engine was causing undue stress especially when the trailer hit a bump in the road. That’s why the outdated transom saver break or bends, but now anglers have an option instead of using an obsolete transom saver. The MOTORMATE outboard motor locking system was designed to protect any outboard engine with power “tilt and trim”. 

Research has shown that stress cracks can also be caused by using a metal long bar from the engine to the trailer. This is caused by the engine jumping or moving around when it hits bumps or goes around corners. It only makes sense because when you trim your big engine down its pushing 1,200 to 2,400 pounds of pressure on to the trailer from the bar on the lower unit; in addition to forcing the fluid up the hydraulic lines and weakening the seals. Universal motor mounts just cannot stand up to the pressure and forces a big outboard engine has on them, but MOTORMATE Locking System can. Once the MOTORMATE Locking System has been installed, the outboard will not wiggle or move at all. The patented MOTORMATE Locking System (www.MOTORMATEUSA.COM) has two locking pins that attach to the engine bracket by pressing together. That’s it for moving parts. All of the moving parts and top bars are made from stainless steel. For Anglers with Yamaha Outboard engine the MOTORMATE Locking System comes with brackets that need to be attached to the engine’s bracket for the MOTORMATE to fit correctly. 

By locking your outboard securely in place it prevents an angler from having to pay for expensive repairs to the steering system; in addition to eliminating excess torque on the boat’s transom. Other benefits of using a MOTORMATE Locking System is protecting hydraulic lines, housing, engine’s steering cables, and motor finish. It also eliminates having to use plastic steering cable clamps since the MOTORMATE Locking System is strong enough to hold the outboard engine in place without them.

A warranty usually says a lot about the quality of the product. The obsolete transom saver most anglers bought in the past had no warranties. That’s not surprising. They were poorly designed and not made for outboards with power “trim and tilt”. Their long shafts would break or bend when the boat jumped up from the trail during those long hauls from one tournament to another. MOTORMATE Locking System gives you a three year warranty against manufacturer defects. That’s confidence in their product which is made from high quality components. “The top bar, pins, springs, and cylinders are all made from stainless steel. That’s really important because we want our products to last a life time,” Clifton Bradley, General Manager of MOTORMATE Locking System continued, “one of the major concerns from boating experts is that the caps are designed to fit properly.  Our end caps are constructed of High-impact nylon and will not cut the ground wire of a Mercury outboard engine. The MOTORMATE Locking System also has double bars to distribute the weight of the engine which eliminates bending at the stress points.”

Another fact that separates MOTORMATE Locking System from other universal motor mounts is its customer service. “We take pride in our product and our service department will work with any customer that has any questions or problems,” said Clifton Bradley. Just by going to their web site and checking out Customer Comments you can see how they are dedicated to bring the best product to anglers and working with them if there should be any installation questions or problems.  

The MOTORMATE Locking System has been available for over a year to purchase, but the unit has been going through rigorous testing by professional anglers for over five years without failure. MOTORMATE Locking System Pro Staff reads like the Who’s Who of professional bass fishing including Dave Hendrick, Bryan Thrift, Gary Dobyns, Matt Arey, Lee King, Kathy Crowder, Richard McMaster, O.T. Fears, Shin Fukae, Wesley Strader, Stephen Browning, Ramie Colson, Anthony Gagliardi, Harold L Neeley, Lee Pitts, Kyle Smith, Brent Long, Andy Montgomery, Jared Lee, Dearal Rodgers, and renowned outdoor writer/photographer Brad Wiegmann; in addition to endorsements from professional anglers like the Legendary Guy Eaker, Casey Ashley, Paul Elias, Glenn Chappelear, Jason Quinn, Ron Shuffield, Mark Rose, and Britt Myers just to name a few. These professional anglers have provided the testing grounds for the MOTORMATE Locking System; they all believe that the MOTORMATE Locking System is the best outboard motor locking system available. Besides Professional anglers, AMS Boat Company located in Groveland, Florida has made the MOTORMATE Locking System a standard part for their Gambler boats.

Motormate Locking SystemThe unit is available in seven models to fit Mercury, Yamaha, and Johnson/Evinrude outboard engines; in addition to being powder coated not painted. It can be purchased online at or at authorized retail shops across the United States. The list for the retailers in your area can be found on their web site. MOTORMATE Locking System is made in the Motormate Locking SystemUnited States.Motormate Locking System
Motormate Locking System