Tuff Skinz Outboard Motor Cover

“Are you kidding me? You have got to be kidding me? I can’t believe that you want that much for a cowling for a Mercury outboard engine,” I replied hung up the phone and looked at my wife stating, “Can you believe that? I just got off the phone with the boat store down the street and they want $799 for a new cowling for my mercury outboard,” I shout. “I told you to buy one of those sharp looking outboard motor covers; remember, I found them on the internet and the company’s name was Tuff Skinz; remember, I told you about how you can leave it on even driving down the lake,” said my wife. I don’t think that my wife could have had a bigger smile on her face then right now. She was right and I had dismissed her suggestion to buy a high quality outboard motor cover.
Now I was paying the price both for the scratches all over the cowling and listening as my wife reminds me that once again she was right. At that point there was only one thing I could do, “Honey, do you happen to have the name of the website that sells those outboard motor covers?” I asked sheepishly. “Of course, I knew you would be wanting it sooner or later, its www.TuffSkinz.net,” she said with a grin on her face.
It’s only a matter of time before you put that first scratch on your new outboard engine cowling. You try to protect it, but just putting a cover over it in the driveway will only protect it while it’s sitting in the driveway. What happens when you take it off to drive to the lake? Your tires and everyone else’s tires are sandblasting it leaving thousands of paint chips. Maybe you decide to leave that abrasive loose fitting engine boat cover on? The force of the wind blowing it back and forth is like taking sandpaper and rubbing it all over the cowling.
How about when you are out on the lake? You can’t use that outboard motor cover without vent holes for the engine. What about all those boat docks with razor sharp edges, boulders with pointed tips, or gnarly bushes and trees? The only way to protect them from these hazards is to put an outboard motor cover on and leave it on, but almost every outboard motor cover can only be used when parked or trailering down the road. Luckily for anglers and boaters there is one outboard motor cover that can be used in these situations to protect their engine cowling; in addition to having vent holes that allow this outboard motor cover to stay on even when the outboard motor is running. The Tuff Skinz outboard motor cover was designed to protect your boat cowling against hazards on the water and while sitting in the driveway.
Tuff Skinz Outboard Motor Cover
Tuff Skinz outboard motor cover Pro XS
 Mercury  Pro XS Tuff Skinz outboard cover on the left. 

Having an outboard motor cover to protect your cowling looking new is a wise investment. “I first came up with the idea for an engine cover when I was guiding and had scratched up my boat cowling. I didn’t think that it would cost much just to refurbish it, but was I wrong. So, I designed what ended up being the Tuff Skinz, an outboard motor cover,” said Randy Dornbusch, owner of Tuff Skinz (www.tuffskinz.net). What Dornbusch had discovered was a practical solution to protecting outboard motors. “Tuff Skinz outboard motor covers have a tough polyester laminate with 2 layers. The outside protects the cowling from harmful UV rays and scratches from trees, boat docks, rocks, bluff walls, and other abrasive objects while the inside material is soft and protects the cowling shell. “Tuff Skinz should fit snug around the outboards cowling without any slack.

Once the cover is completely down it is secured with a 1-inch strap sewn into the bottom of the cover with a snap buckle; the tight fit will keep it from coming off and catching on brush or boat dock corners,” explained Dornbusch. The Tuff Skinz only comes in one color and that’s black. Anglers have the option of purchasing Tuff Skin covers with or without logos. Graphics can be added on the cover, but these are done by an outside source at an additional cost. 
Tuff Skinz covers comes with a 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship except in the southern coastal states where the warranty is only for 2 years due to the excessive heat. As for cleaning a Tuff Skinz engine cover, Dornbusch recommends using a mild detergent and gently sponge it clean; in addition to spraying the cover with Tuff Skinz Protectant once every season to keep it looking new.

Having a Tuff Skinz cover not only keeps your outboard engine from harmful UV rays and scratches, but can earn you money in the Tuff Skinz Bonus Bucks Program. The Tuff Skinz Bonus Bucks Program rewards anglers that compete in qualifying tournament events with Bonus Bucks Cash Awards. Participation guidelines, list of tournament qualifying tournaments, and rules can be found on Tuff Skinz website at www.tuffskinz.net.

Although the perfect time to purchase a Tuff Skinz outboard motor cover is when you buy a new outboard motor, it can also improve the look of your boat without having to go through the costly expense of refurbishing your old cowling.

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