Lock-n-Haul Bang!  There it goes, you hit one more pothole in the road and another expensive transom saver snapped in half.  You would have thought by now someone could have come up with something to replace that obsolete transom saver.  Think about it, your engine costs you more than the boat.  I cannot tell you how many professional anglers I have been with who’s transom saver has broke, fallen off, or been taped together; in addition, to the ones who do not use any transom saver at all.  So what is an angler to do?  The answer from these anglers, the new Lock-N-Haul, an advanced transom saver designed to fit any boat motor as long as it has a power tilt system. 
Wait!  Before you start thinking, and I know you will, my old transom saver is good enough, remember that old transom saver was designed to support the weight of outboards before they had power “tilt and trim”.  Jim Smith, owner and inventor of Lock-n-Haul (www.lock-n-haul.com), in addition to being an avid angler explains, “The fact is that the old outdated transom saver actually does more harm than good, a motor is now captive by the power tilt system and cannot move away from the shock of the road that transfers through the old style device,” he continued, “unless your outboard motor is stabilized completely so no movement occurs, the kinetic energy will dissipate where the motor moves causing stress and wear on the entire system including the transom.”  The Lock-n-Haul is designed to lock out all of the movement of the motor by stabilizing both the steering and tilt pivots along with securing the motor in a travel position.  It also completely isolates the lower unit from the trailer and eliminates the shock or bang being transferred from the road and trailer.

Why not just use “clips” you put on the steering housing that they sell?  Good question.   “These clips only take some of the slack out of the steering and do not stabilize the outboard during transportation; so, they do not eliminate the stress off the transom and rigging,” answered Smith. 

The Lock-n-Haul fits most Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Suzuki, Honda, and any other motors with center piston power tilt and trim systems.  To install, the Lock-n-Haul takes only a short amount of time and directions are included with every one sold.  Anglers only need to adjust the spacing of the upper and lower bumpers to fit your particular outboard.  After the onetime adjustment or fitting of the device, it will perform correctly with the outboard centered and loaded evenly with the power trim.

Lock-n-Haul is a 2010 National Sponsor of the American Fishing Tour operated by the American Bass Anglers and offers the following incentives to the registered owner of a Lock-n-Haul: the winner of any American Fishing Tour Tournament that owns a registered Lock-n-Haul receives $100, a two day Divisional Winner and Divisional Angler of the Year receive a prize of $200 if a registered owner, and the winner of the National Championship will receive $1,000 if their boat is equipped with a registered Lock-n-Haul.

No tools are required to position the Lock-n-Haul to fit your motor, it can be adjusted to fit your engine in five to fifteen minutes, and fit most motors with a power tilt and trim system.  The Lock-n-Haul will not scuff your lower engine housing, has no moving parts, includes a quick clip aircraft cable retaining lanyard, and has an anodized coating for superior anti-corrosion protection that will not rust and safe for fresh and saltwater use.

Anglers towing their boats need to protect their investment.  Their motors get them to the fish and back safely to the dock.  Why not protect them while they are being pulled on a trailer.  It only makes sense to upgrade to a transom saver made for engines with power tilt and trim.  The Lock-n-Haul is new school, 2009; the old transom savers are old school, so 2000 and late.