1198c20SIWhat is the ball park figure/cost of a sonar unit with side scanning technology and does that include antenna/transducer?

There's a sonar/GPS unit out there for everybody!  All of the units are called "Combos" i.e. 1198C SI Combo, which includes the transducer, GPS antenna if it’s a GPS unit, mounting hardware, and manual.


They also include Down Imaging as well as Side Imaging. As for models; the Humminbird 798 SI is a 5-inch model that retails for $999.99, the 898 SI is a 7-inches model that retails for $1499.99, the 998 SI is the 8-inch model and retails for $1999.99 and lastly, the flagship 1198C SI has the huge 10.5-inch display and retails for $2799.99.  You might ask "What do I get for the extra money?"  The larger the unit is and the higher the price tag, the larger the display. Displays are the big cost items on these units. Other than that, the models have all of the same features.  Color costs more than monochrome so that's why you can get a good monochrome down imaging unit for under $300.
Humminbird has introduced their Down Imaging and 2D Sonar models this year starting at $299.99.  Check online and you can also find some of last year's models at a great discount. Most can do the same thing as the 2011 line with a free software download i.e. Down Imaging. All of the current year's pricing can be found on Humminbird's website.


Eddie Kendrick

Johnson Fishing Team (www.JohnsonFishingTeam.com)