Lowrance River BouldersAnglers now have new technology to decipher what is on the bottom of the lake and where fish can hide. Lowrance has StructureScan which has 2 components. There is the side scan part and the DownScan part. Lowrance uses 2 transducers for the SideScan to look to the left and right side of the transducers and a separate transducer to look straight down. The SideScan is great for finding and interpreting structure. This example show how boulders look on the SideScan compared to traditional sonar.

Weeds in clumps and points show nicely on the SideScan in this example.


lowrance Shallow Weeds

The DownScan looks directly below the transducer like traditional sonar, but uses a narrower cone and a higher frequency transducer than traditional sonar units (800 kHz vs. 200 kHz). 

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Cone area on the Lowrance Structure Scan Unit

The DownScan will therefore give you better detail and target separation. When I use the DownScan, I use a split screen so I can compare the traditional sonar to the DownScan.

Lowrance Downscan

This screenshot shows baitfish as dots instead of a clump. I have found the DownScan excellent for defining baitfish schools in the size of the bait fish.  The DownScan displays weeds, fish and baitfish differently than traditional sonar. This example shows the difference for baitfish, weeds and fish. Did I am read your mind predicting the next question?  Did I catch any fish I saw on the display? Yes, the fish I caught were crappies and they made an excellent supper.


Lowrance deep bait

The StructureScan can be added onto any Lowrance HDS unit by connecting an Ethernet cable from the StructureScan box to a HDS. The StructureScan has separate box (LSSS-1) that is the brains that process the SideScan and DownScan data. You can see the StructureScan display on 3 HDS units at the same time since the LSS-1 has 3 Ethernet ports.


For more information on Lowrance StructureScan or for educational DVD's by Doc Bruce Samson on sonar units, GPS units or Lowrance HDS Units go to www.doctorsonar.com