Garmin echoMAP50 Series Installation 067 CopyAfter mounting your new Garmin unit it’s time to mount and install the transducer. The transducer provides the information for the Garmin unit to display sonar signals by transmitting sound waves through the water column. Garmin transom mount transducers can be easily installed on the transom or trolling motor.

Before the mounting bracket can be installed, the optimal mounting location needs to be located. On the transom, the mounting bracket and transducer shouldn’t be placed behind struts, strakes, fittings, discharge or intake ports or any object that will create air bubbles or turbulent water that can result in sonar signal loss; in addition to in the path of the propeller of signal engine boats.

The transducer shouldn’t be located where it can be bumped out of position or broken off when trailering the boat, loading or launching.

On the transom, the transducer should be located near the center as possible. This will ensure that the boat will not lose its signal once the boat is up on plane. Never cut the transducer cable. Cutting the transducer cable can result in signal loss and will void your warranty.

If the signal is lost try repositioning the transducer to a different location on the transom.

Tools required to install the Garmin ( transducer:

*3/8-inch wrench or socket set

*Drill and drill bits

*#2 Phillips screwdriver

*Masking tape

*Marine sealant

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Installing the transducer on the transom:

*After selecting the location align the transducer parallel to the water line and mark the center of each hole.

*Use a 5/32-inch bit drill pilot holes approximately 1-inch deep.

*Put marine sealant on included stainless steel screws and attach the transducer mount so it extends beyond the bottom of the boat by 1/8-inch.

*The transducer cable should be attached to transom with the included cable clamps.

*Note that a cable entry cover is included with the transducer that can be used if you decide to route the cable through the transom. .

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Installing the transducer on the trolling motor:

*Insert the 20-inch cable tie through the slot of the transducer mount.

*Put the rub gasket on the curved section of the transducer mount between the mount and trolling motor.

*Tighten down the cable tie and trim the cable tie.

*Use the supplied hardware to attach the forward facing transducer to the transducer mount. The transducer should be positioned parallel with the bottom surface.

*Cable ties should be used to secure the transducer cable to the trolling motor shaft making sure that the cable will not be pinched when trolling motor is retracted or deployed.

Once the cable is secured and transducer is attached the Garmin unit is ready to be used.Garmin echoMAP50 Series Installation 088 CopyGarmin echoMAP50 Series Installation 023 Copy