Zell Roland with Rebel Pop-RI thought that I had heard it all when it comes to fishing lures.  I mean, it’s not unusual for California anglers to cast 8 to 12-inch swimbaits for monster bass in Lake Shasta or Clear Lake.  I guess that is why it did not surprise me when this Bassmaster Elite Angler called me and reported catching numbers of huge bass on the Rebel 19-inch Autographed Zell Rowland Pop-R. 

I knew it-once I saw the Rebel 19-inch Autographed Zell Rowland Pop-R online at http://lurenet.com/ some anglers would be fishing with it.  It’s just a Rebel Pop-R on steroids; supersized for monster bass with veracious appetites.  The ultra realistic Foxy Shad pattern just drives bass crazy.  Just like massive swimbaits, the Rebel 19-inch Autographed Zell Rowland Pop-R attracts bass with its “signature” chugging and spitting action similar to the smaller Rebel P-60 model.Rebel 19-inch autographed Zell Pop-R eating a 8-inch swimbait

I had to know more on where and how to fish this massive Pop-R.  So, I contacted Zell Rowland, Mr. Pop-R himself and asked him about this rumor about the giant Pop-R being used out on the west coast in place of big swimbaits.  “I have fished the smaller Rebel P-60 models for years, it was my bread and butter lure in bass tournaments,” Zell continued, “So, it does not surprise me when I found out anglers where fishing the Rebel 19-inch Autographed Zell Rowland out in California lakes; in fact, I have used it on Lake Fork and Falcon Lake to catch giant bass.”  Zell recommended that anglers use a super stiff rod and 80 or 100-pound Silver Thread monofilament line, “I tried using fluorocarbon but it has a tendency to drag the front of the lure down, killing its action,” Zell continued, “anglers should also attach the line to the Pop-R with a loop knot to increase the action.”   “When I fish it, I cast it in the same places I would a big swimbait and work it back in a quick chug, pause, chug, pause retrieve when the bass are actively feeding on big forage; however, if the bass are in a neutral mood, I chug it allowing the rings to die before chugging it again,” explained Zell.  Zell should know, he has qualified eleven times for the Bassmaster Classic Championship and fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament circuit.Zell Roland with 19-inch autographed Zell Pop-r

In case you have not figured it out yet, I made this whole story up; except for the part where Zell explained how too correctly to retrieve a Rebel Pop-R in.  Zell, like me, would not be surprised if some anglers out in California do take one out fishing…just look at some of the oversized swimbaits they use now!  No, the Rebel 19-inch Autographed Zell Rowland Pop-R is really a limited edition collectable lure display.  It’s the perfect gift or birthday present for any angler’s den or trophy room.  Who knows? They might even go out and fish with it!Zell holding the Rebel 19-inch autographed Zell Roland Pop-R