Bomber Saltwater Jig HeadWhen it comes to fishing live bait or lures in saltwater, anglers can never have enough jig heads. No jig head will last long when the action heats up or bottom bouncing a reef; however anglers still require quality hooks that can stand up to monster saltwater fish. Bomber knew when it came to building a jig head it would have to be tough, versatile, and durable. So they engineered the Bomber Saltwater Grade jig head series.

These jig heads were designed for fishing with either live bait or lures for almost any saltwater species. Bomber Saltwater Grade jig heads come in a number of different sizes for anglers to choose from depending on the technique they are using. 

There are several different styles to select from in the Bomber ( Saltwater Jig Head series. Which one you need depends on what you are fishing for; in addition to what technique the angler is intending to the live bait or lure for. The Bomber Bullet-head Jig was designed for using with large paddle tail soft plastic lures like YUM Samurai Shad or YUM Samurai Curltail. The jig head has triple-ring keeper barbs that hold the soft plastic lures better in place without tearing. The Bomber Round-head Jig has triple-ring keeper barbs and features a premium saltwater grade hook. A Bomber Flat-head Jig was designed for casting farther into the wind; in addition to tracking better in moving water.

The Bomber Slipper-head Jig head has an oversized round body made especially for dragging through rocks, grass, or weeds with live bait or lures without hanging up. It has two big eyes on the top that irritate fish into striking. A Bomber Shad-head Jig is shaped perfect for tidal waters. The design allows the nose to shoot across the bottom while the hook is positioned up. The Bomber Stand-up Jig was designed to get the live bait or lure on the bottom. The jig’s nose will stay on the bottom and the hook will ride upwards allowing for great hook sets.

Bomber Saltwater Jig Head in striper mouthBomber Saltwater Jig Heads come in different size weights, hook sizes, and colors. Jig heads are available from 1/8-ounce, 1/4-ounce, 3/8-ounce, 1/2-ounce, and 3/4-ounce in size. Hook sizes can range from 2/0 to 5/0 depending on the weight of the jig head. They come in an array of colors from glow-white, red, white, chartreuse, pink, or unpainted.

There is no limit to what can be put on a Bomber Saltwater Jig Head. Live bait like worms, minnows, shrimp, mullet, or plastic worms, grubs, paddle tails, hollow bodied swimbaits can all be rigged on any of the Bomber Saltwater Jig Heads. Anglers just need to pick the right jig head for where and what species of fish they are trying to catch.Bomber Saltwater Jig Head with YUM Money Minnow