Vivid LuresSometimes when two completely different things collide, something totally unique is created; take for instance peanut butter and jelly, separate okay tasting.  When mixed between two pieces of bread an undeniable delectable sandwich.

Now take a fly tier, Matt Burton and tournament bass angler, John Wilder, owners of Vivid Lures ( and mix them together to build a lure.  What you ended up with is the Fusion Jig.  The one of its kind jig combines a OBB lures stand up jig head with two magnum rattle, silicone skirt with select marabou pinchers tied innovatively to the jig.  The marabou pinchers are tied in a 45-degree angle causing them to flare up.  Marabou being a natural material has more movement than other materials, normally tied to a jig.  Every Marabou feather is individually hand selected by Burton before being tied to the jig.
The Fusion Jig is available in 3/8-ounce or 1/2-ounce and comes in peanut butter and jelly, bluegill, sunfish, crawdad, spring craw, shad, black and blue, and purple passion. Unlike many of the lures being made today by manufactures, the Fusion Jig is built in two different locations.  Wilder, who lives in Illinois builds the first part of the jig and he sends it to Burton in Colorado, who ties the marabou on to the jig; this extra handiwork gives every Fusion Jig a custom finish.  Sometimes combining two things together can be undeniably brilliant, like peanut butter and jelly or two completely different anglers.