Rebel Frog-RI hear of anglers kissing their fish, but what about their lures. I guess someone down at Rebel Lures got the same idea with a lure, kissed it and ended up not with a prince, but a frog. That’s the only explanation I can come up with on how they ended up with the super realistic Rebel Frog-R. This isn’t your run of the mill hollow body frog either. It’s a hard body frog with the shape and color patterns that will fool any fish in to thinking it’s the real thing.

The Rebel Frog-R not only looks like a frog, but can be walked similar to walking-the-dog with a Heddon Zara Spook. In this case, I guess you would say walking-the-frog. Nevertheless, it’s this action that draws vicious strikes from fish. The Rebel Frog-R can be fished in open water or around aquatic vegetation.

Interestingly the first bass I catch on the Rebel Frog-R is caught on a highland reservoir. Beaver Lake is known for its gin clear water, but walking-the-dog with a Zara Spook always seems to catch spotted, smallmouth, or largemouth bass. At different times of year you will see bull frogs around the shoreline, but without aquatic grass the population of frogs is limited.

Long points running out to the old river channel are always productive with topwater lures and that’s where I make a long cast with the Frog-R. Letting it sit until the rings dissipate then I start twitching it and reeling giving the Frog-R a walking action. Halfway back a chucky spotted bass takes a swipe at it, but misses it. I give it one more twitch and another spotted bass crushes it. It’s my first bass on the Frog-R where few would have thought to fish it. After releasing the bass Rebel Frog-Rwithout kissing it, I cast it back out. There will be no kissing any lure that has super sharp hooks attached to it for me.

First bass I catch somewhere on a reservoir that’s loaded with aquatic vegetation is Lake Guntersville in Alabama. At first, I work the outside edges of a big grass mat without any luck, but that will change when we get to spot where the grass is growing out making a point. Again a long cast over the point is rewarded when a hefty bass engulfs the frog.   

Rebel Frog-R ( is compact measuring only 2 3/8-inches and weighing 5/16-ounces with size #6 hooks. It comes in four realistic color patterns including Swamp Frog, Cricket Frog, Leopard Frog, and Bull Frog.