Wiggle D CrankbaitsAnglers are always looking for that next magic lure that catches fish. Recently, more and more anglers have been using hand crafted custom built wooden crankbaits to put fish in their boats. The reason why? Hand crafted custom built wooden crankbaits have a unique ability to produce strikes and catch quality fish. This unique ability cannot be reproduced by the mundane action of plastic crankbaits. The unique action hand crafted custom built wooden crankbaits have come from its enticing movement backing up when paused, a subtle hunting action when retrieved, or its erratic bouncing movement off wood or rocks. Some of these custom built crankbaits are flat sided while others feature a round body. The hand crafted custom built wooden Wiggle D crankbait made by Don Minkler, owner of E-Z Dip Lures, is one of these round bodied lures.

Mr. Bo Jangles in Silver ShadThe Wiggle D custom built wooden crankbait was designed to have a wide wobble with just the right amount of wiggle.  It’s similar to the original Storm Wiggle Wart that was built by gluing 2 sections together which is no longer in production; however being built out of poplar wood the Wiggle D has more of an enticing movement backwards when paused, bounces more erratically off wood or rocks, and has a more subtle hunting action to it. The Wiggle D crankbait goes through a number of processes before ending up in an angler’s tackle box. “I begin with a superior grade piece of poplar wood and carve it down to the right size then it goes through multiple steps before the clear coat is applied,” Minkler continued, “the Wiggle D features 3-D protruding life-like eyes and a lexan bill that is anchored deep inside the body of the crankbait. Another feature of the Wiggle D crankbait is sideway hook hangers. By having the hook hangers sideways it increases the hooks mobility and insures better hook-sets.”

Minkler, who started making lures back in 1970, does all of the wood carving himself, but his wife, Pat, paints the Wiggle D crankbaits. “The most popular color pattern also happens to be my wife’s favorite and that’s frog, but the Wiggle D also comes in rainbow trout, black with silver flake, and shad. I will have some crawfish color patterns out very soon; I expect that color pattern to be really popular for catching largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass,” said Minkler. The Wiggle D is available in shallow, medium, or a deep diver. The shallow running Wiggle D runs 3 feet deep, medium runs 5 feet deep and deep runs 8 feet down depending on what type and line size the angler is using. The Wiggle D body comes in only one size and each one is pre-tuned.

Besides the Wiggle D, Minkler, (E-Z Dip Lure Company This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone: (417)525-4548) also builds another hand crafted custom wooden crankbait called Mr. Bo Jangles. Mr. Bo Jangles maybe the most unique hand crafted custom wooden crankbait ever made. It’s essentially a hybrid between a crankbait with a spinnerbait. The outer core is made from poplar wood and has a spinnerbait blade located in it’s hollowed out center core. “Mr. Bo Jangles is a combination of the 2 best lures in bass fishing, a crankbait and a spinnerbait all in one,” Minkler continued, “it is definitely something bass haven’t seen before.” The patented Mr. Bo Jangles comes in several color patterns including chartreuse shad with a chartreuse blade, silver shad with a blue blade, or black with a silver blade.

Mr. Bo Jangles in Black Shad Mr. Bo Jangles in chartreuse shad

Hand crafted custom built wooden crankbaits are growing in popularity every day. They are quickly replacing plastic crankbaits as an angler’s first choice when it comes to crankbaits. Crankbaits like the Wiggle D not only wobble and wiggle just right, they also have an enticing movement backing up, erratic bouncing action off wood or rocks, and a subtle hunting action that catches fish.

Shallow running Wiggle D in Frog pattern Medium diving Wiggle D in Silver Shad Deep diving Wiggle D in Rainbow Trout




Hand Crafted Custom Built Wooden Wiggle D Crankbaits is provided by Brad Wiegmann for E-Z Dip Lures.