Ben Parker's Bass Under Glass DVDThe advancement in sonar technology has totally changed how anglers fish especially in deepwater situations. In the past, anglers often neglected fishing offshore structure unable to see or understand the lower water column or bottom surface. When sonar units first came out they had small screens and large pixels that only vaguely resembled the bottom contour, brush piles, standing timber, or any other natural or manmade structure. As the years have gone by sonar units changed and improved. Today, sonar screens are massive in size with side imaging and down imaging capable of showing anglers secret deepwater honey holes. Unlocking those secret locations and finding them is challenging, but extremely rewarding when you find mega schools of fish. In Ben Parker’s Bass Under Glass DVD, the Elite Series Professional Angler takes you not into a classroom setting, but out on the water to help anglers better understand their electronics and locating schools of fish.

Bassmaster Elite Angler Ben ParkerBen Parker’s Bass Under Glass DVD ( is a collection of on the water video and snapshots from different fishing conditions Parker was fishing in. Anglers will find themselves in many of the same situations and can learn how to approach catching fish in these situations in the DVD. The video Ben Parker’s Bass Under Glass DVD footage was shot on TVA reservoir Kentucky Lake. The video is not about fishing techniques, but how to interpret images seen on your sonar unit and finding schools of fish.

Footage shot on the lake shows how anglers should use their electronics to locate and catch fish. Parker likes to idle around until he finds schools of fish stacked up before dropping his trolling motor and fishing for them. Not all schools of fish are bass. Every species of fish leaves their own “footprint” or look on a sonar screen. In the video, Parker shows snapshots of what schools of bass look like.

Snapshots in this video are screen shots that Parker took during his day out fishing. They are great instructional tools to explain many of the situations that Parker fished during the day. Some of the snapshots are of schools of fish while others show prop wash or areas void of fish. A key location Parker talks about numerous times during the video is a break line. Break lines on TVA lakes are often referred to as ledges. Other snapshots that Parker talks about feature schools of different species grouped together like white bass and largemouth, bottom structure, schools of bait fish, rocky lips, and points.

Many of the areas Parker finds fish and fishes are similar to places on your lake. For example, Parker takes you down a riprap bank and shows you where excess rocks, points, and depressions are located by using his side imaging and down imaging features on his electronics. Parker uses both down imaging and side imaging feature on his electronic units. “Often schools of fish don’t show up real good or sometimes at all, but if you change your angle the school will appear on the screen. The key is to keep moving and searching until you find an area that will be productive,” explained Parker.Bassmaster Elite Angler Ben ParkerThe DVD Ben Parker’s Bass Under Glass will help you become a better angler if you apply the knowledge that Parker gives on reading your electronics. That’s enough for some anglers, but what if you want to know more on reading your electronics. Parker offers a one-of-a-kind service where Parker will go out in your boat and show you on your electronics how to read and find fish. For more information on Parker’s unique on the water lessons go to web site.

Finding and catching fish on offshore structure or suspending around schools of bait fish can be challenging without knowing how to read your electronic units. This DVD explains to anglers the basics of reading and understanding what your electronic screens are showing you. 



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