In Pursuit of Trophy Smallmouth Bass: My Life in a Kayak

Catching smallmouth bass from the front of a bass boat is fun; hooking up with a smallmouth in a kayak is exhilarating. Everything happens quicker and you are right in the heart of the action. Many times you get drenched when a smallmouth rockets out of the water wagging its powerful tail back and forth trying to escape. Jeff Little, the author of In Pursuit of Trophy Smallmouth Bass: My Life in a Kayak by Ultima Thule Publishing, loves the challenge of fishing from a kayak in search of trophy smallmouth. Little’s journeys in a kayak on streams and rivers has allowed him to fish for smallmouth in areas where other watercrafts cannot venture; however there is more to catching trophy smallmouth than just location as Little explains in the book.



In the book, In Pursuit of Trophy Smallmouth Bass: My Life in a Kayak, Little (, a certified kayak instructor, fishing guide, and author, explains the basic fundamentals of kayak fishing from how to choose a kayak, kayak fishing gear & accessories, rod holders, paddles, nets, kayak fishing skills, maintaining boat position, kayak fishing seasons, current, laminar flow, identifying cover, lures, trophy smallmouth conditions, how to plan a float trip, USGS gauges, tailrace fisheries, and conservation. The book basically covers everything a novice smallmouth angler would need to know before taking their first float trip fishing for trophy smallmouth; in addition to having enlightening information for skilled anglers. Of course safety comes first when fishing from a kayak and Little goes into detail on what anglers should do when fishing from a kayak to prevent accidents. Little suggested that beginner kayak anglers should look into taking a safety class before taking that first stroke.

Of course the book is about fishing for trophy smallmouth bass and Little spends almost every page describing how to catch them. Beginning with locations smallmouth can be caught throughout the 4 seasons. Little also goes into detail on how current can decide where the smallmouth will locate and feed. Locating smallmouth means being able to read the water; in addition to what part cover and structure plays in where the bass are living. Another chapter in the book covers what anglers need to use to catch trophy smallmouth. Little does select a number of common lures, but goes into depth on fishing what he believes to be the best lure for fishing for smallmouth bass in rivers and streams-the tube. Not only that, Little explains how to build homemade rattles and make your own fat tube

While the book focuses on catching trophy smallmouth bass, Little explains that there are other options when kayak fishing. Little knows that smallmouth don’t bite everyday and knowing how to catch other species can almost equal the excitement of fishing for trophy smallmouth. In addition to explaining why he often uses other watercrafts like a cataraft in certain situations when fishing for smallmouth.

Fishing for trophy smallmouth from a kayak for Little is the ultimate adventure and thrill. In his book In Pursuit of Trophy Smallmouth Bass: My Life in a Kayak, Little shares his expert knowledge with other anglers so they can go out and catch a trophy smallmouth. It’s a book no trophy smallmouth anglers should be without.